The Yard Brewery and Smokehouse, Morriset

There’s been really inconsistent weather this summer, between super hot days and being rained out for a week, so when Bruce’s son is staying with us for a few days for work it sucks when they can’t really get much done. Instead, while it rained out Tuesday, Bruce took us to The Yard Brewery and Smokehouse in the industrial area at Morriset for lunch and a few drinks for the boys.

We got there at opening, and there’s a few different seating areas, low tables and bar stools and the mezzanine that I hope they relegate the hens nights to. It’s all very new, and not the only microbrewery in Morriset with Lake Mac Brewing Co and Bread and Brewery all within stumbling distance.

The boys each got a $17 tasting paddle, which they enjoyed and they bought a schooner each of something else after. I know, good beer review.

The boys each had a $22 Kransky dog which came with many toppings and fries. We were all very full!

I had a Haloumi burger and fries for $20. The mayo was amazing, the chips super crunchy!

They have merch and growlers, but they didn’t seem to be selling the dog bowl like they had in the courtyard. Not sure we’d bring Maxi on a sunnier day, he’s a bit too excited around food an people like that.

The Yard Brewery and Smokehouse 

32 Accolade Ave, Morisset NSW 2264

Open from 12pm Daily. Ph (02) 4072 3400

Emma’s Kitchen Morisset

So we’ve started on trying to local takeaway options for our seventh meal of the week. We intended to get to Emma’s Kitchen last Friday but stopped at Cooranbong when we saw the Cob Shop van and had that (roadside cob loafs?! Awesome idea). But we made it there last night after the cool change came through, and they were yummy yummy burgers.

I had the Greek Lamb burger in the combo with chips with chicken salt and a can of Solo for $16. The chips were awesome, the burger so fresh 🙂

Bruce got the Chicken Caesar burger for $14 and the $10 cheeseburger. That cheeseburger was far from small and the chicken caesar exactly what you’d expect with bacon and a dressing.

We took the burgers and the dog to Cooranbong and ate near one of the cemeteries. enjoying that cool change and the breeze that same with it.

Emma’s Kitchen

FREEMANS DRIVE ROUNDABOUT, Morisset, NSW, Australia, New South Wales 0404 649 547

Monday to Friday – 4-8pm