My name is Fiona and I’ve been hopping around the internets making friends and creating sparkly chaos for many years.

I love in Newcastle Australia with my partner and our dog. I am autistic (self-diagnosed), and I have been working hard in therapy to learn to manage my emotions and my actions so that I can enjoy life and maybe one day be a more productive member of society or at least use my brains and passions to help others.

I have a background as a speech pathologist but don’t work in it any more, but I am still very interested in communication and inclusive education. Apparently I finished my masters in Inclusive Education ten years ago! My last job was as a disability support worker, and I think I’d like to do advocacy work or at least use my skills, knowledge and life experience to help others navigate and survive the obstacles this government puts up to accessing services and financial supports.

I was recently granted DSP which is freaking awesome!

As far as therapy goes, I “graduated” from DBT earlier this year. I’m also trying to stay sober, because alcohol has not led me on a good path and am taking Antabuse and going to a weekly support group for that.

You can usually find me over on Twitter, hopefully not causing too many arguments. I’m also starting to stream more on Twitch – mostly playing Sims while talking crap, so please follow me there too!

I’d love if you could tip me some cash for spending moneys in my TipJar or by PayPal, or maybe buy me a treat from my Throne Wishlist? But I know times are tough all around, so virtual hugs are more than welcome!

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If you’re a business and would like me to feature your products, email me and see what we can arrange: phonakins@gmail.com