Slow March

March has been far from slow, it’s the 26th already, Easter is this weekend, but at least the nights are cooling down and I can snuggle up after dark.

Oranges have been nice, which is fortunate since after the flood of granny smiths dried out, I’m eating an orange a day to get through my foodbank acquisitions, and of course to have a yummy snack to combat any dizziness or shakeyness my body wants to do. I started taking a med again that I’d stopped last year, it seems to be keeping the shakes at bay, dizziness not so much. Having a weary slow morning this morning for no apparent reason, but I’m taking my time and getting through my little chores gradually. I have to go to the RMS to confirm that we’ve swapped the gauge cluster in the Corolla before I go for a pinkslip and get its rego done. I’m thinking of doing that Thursday now.

So, it might take me all day, but I get everything done.

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