And for our next stress – our house is being sold

This post was supposed to be a fun one about my new car. a blue 1998 Corolla we went up to Singleton to buy the other day. Her name is Bluey the Hello Kitty Corolla.

She doesn’t have any Hello Kitty yet, but by golly gee she will, and you can help this madness by buying me Hello Kitty car stuff like stickers and floor mats off my wishlist. I’ve got stickers coming to stickerbomb the dented left guard. The car is delightfully basic, manual window winders and the like. But it’s got great air con. We need to put in a new head unit, but we’re on that.

But no, of course, just as things were looking like settling down again, I missed a call coming back from taking my niece to her psych today, and it was the real estate. I call her back opening when she asked me how I was with well, always a bit wary when the real estate calls. She sounded so apologetic, but what can you do. We’re month to month, so we’ll have to wait and see if the buyers want vacant possession or to keep us on (presumably at increased rent). She did say if we find something we can give 21 days notice. but yeah. Let’s see how this goes.

I joked to Bruce at least our landlord didn’t die, only because my sister’s landlord died a few weeks ago and she’s seeing how that plays out. I’m thinking we need an old convent or similar to house us all, Growups and teens and tweens and kids and bebes and cats and dog and whoever else we pick up along the way.

SO yes, things are stressful.

We got my Nanna’s old fridge and bed on the weekend since her place has now sold, in an effort to accommodate the 3-4 adults and baby in this house depending on if my stepsons here for work too.

But how long we get to keep them here?


Hate the uncertainty. Hate it.

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