Foodbank Fizzies

Oh, I used to be a food blogger, trying the latest products, writing up the cafes, and justifying my wine habit with blog posts. But that’s changed now, and while you’ll get the occasional local takeaway review, I’m not first out the gate to try the latest new product, it doesn’t land on my doorstep with a bow and props, a letter with keywords and samples to giveaway to readers and friends.

No, now I satisfy my need to try something new, and my desire to not exist solely on diet coke (pffft) I’ll get a can or bottle or two from the mixed collection of drinks that the foodbanks tend to have. A treat, often ranging up to $1 a piece, but cheaper than the shelf price and considered a donation to help their work. Sometimes, like the experience will be bad – there’s a reason these didn’t sell at the major supermarkets and made their way here. Or they might be out of date and TASTE out of date – flat, stale (yes, drinks can taste stale). But some are winners.

Like these fancy sodas. Lemon Squash and a Yuzu spritz. Fancy pants but I totally get it. There’s apparently also jalapeno and lime, which I gave a miss as I’m a wuss with chili.

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