The Stress of Rental Inspections done for another ?Three ?Six months

Our rental changed real estate agents a couple of months back, and one of the first things they did was to book an inspection time, three months after our last one, mostly so they can get a baseline on the place, but also the do the check in if we’ve wrecked the joint thing. This rental I’ve had 2 inspections a year – they can legally do four if they want – so it was a shock to get notice of this one. Also an added stress given we weren’t sure if they’d be okay with Bruce’s daughter, their partner and the bub having moved in two months ago, and how long they’ll be here is unknown.

It was a great excuse to get the place clean though, and nag the kids into cleaning up their area. But it’s a stress, because our lease says two people, so they could use that against us if they wanted us out.

But it was fine, and now I can stare at the wall for the afternoon and try to get my brain back. Hopefully we’ll be offered a new lease, Bruce said they said the owners wanted us to stay on forever, well until they want to redevelop the place, which would be years off. So, fingers crossed. And fingers crossed it’s not too much of an increase. Cos while this place isn’t all that, it’s still a land lords world out there :/


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