So my DSP claim was officially rejected last night. Message came through at 6pm on a Sunday to go and check in the app, and yep, REJECTED.

Like I said on Twitter, it’s good that they sent me the message on a weekend outside business hours, because who’d want to easily be able to access emotional support at this time? Good thing I was home with my pupper and partner, and had the ear of Twitter to rant to and blast my Kflay at

So, now I’m waiting for the letter that will tell me their reasoning. I mean it’s likely because my psychologist has hope for me that the next twelve months of therapy will do me so much good that I’ll be a functioning participant in the Centrelink process mid 2022. not my goal.

My goal is to go to Japan. If that means participating in the Centrelink process and gaining employment, then sure, I’ll do what my mental health allows me to do. But maybe I won’t be the model patient you’re hoping me to be mr psych.

(for the DBT crew, that’s pretty wilful sounding of me me, hey? Don’t worry, I’m in it to give my all because I deserve happiness)

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