Logitech G Aurora Pop-Up

A hand hlding a green iced mini cupcake in front of flowers

oh my it’s been ages since I’ve done any events so this intimate customer-focused pop-up afternoon tea and gaming sesh with Logitech was a nice easing back into chatting with PRs, trialing products (I neglected to test out the mics so that’ll be on my list for another time!), remembering to take all the photos, instagramming on the fly, and having some fun!

I’d gotten on their mailing list after winning a mouse, keyboard and headset off a twitter contest where I confessed that I’d be using the gear for the Sims (hey there’s AWESOME light integrations for that game on the logitech and Razer gear I have) since that’s about all my PC can run (I mean it can run more, but I don’t have a video card, and my motherboard needs replacing and I can’t run too many things at once. It’s a push some days to stream Duolingo with my webcam on lol, never can do a game with cam on sorry!)

After a bit of an epic trackwork-impacted journey down – remind me again that catching the all stations bus is hell on earth and you’re better off waiting for the next express no matter how long away it is – it was lovely to be greeted with cupcakes and drinks, though a downed a couple of waters first after forgetting how steep the hill from Central to Crown street is. Last time did it in heels, so my glitter mary-janes were a blessing!

It was no accident that I matched in with the colours of the room quite well – I’ve been watching Emiloo on Twitch a quite a lot the past few weeks, and she did a coloured themed Sims challenge, so knew they were pushing the colours.

The Maybelline touch up also made me even PINKER *blush*

I got to play Stray and Fall Guys for the first time and pushed things off surfaces as the cat. Lost VERY quickly in Fall Guys but it was still fun. Sounds was brilliant of course through the headsets. Kinda cool the mix and match colours! And yeah, regrets not playing with the microphones, they are HUGE though! :/ Happy with my headset mic for now I think!

Bruce has possession of the headset I won, it’s great and lightweight and he wears it for work 🙂 Plus I’m not moving on from my Razer kitty ears just yet, but I do like the Logitech offerings I’ve tried. And my keyboard I won is AWESOME and the ones yesterday were the CUTEST! I’d need to get all the keycaps to constantly change them up, so it’s probably best my current setup in lights I can change rather than snapping on and off keys and overlays.

And there was SWAG to take home *yay!!* Bruce loves the hat and shirt and I’m painting my toes lilac today, and the mascara will replace all the ones I chucked out in my recent cleanout so yay! Timing! There’s also a non-alcohol beverage that I need to add to the list of things to review because I still have that backlog to blog about.

Yep, trying to re-become an influential blogger and social media type. It’d be better if the trains were running though. phonakins. e-girl and activist. I’m back!