Feb Foodbank Finds

Got my Corolla back on the road, so now I can get back to the local food pantry through the week when it’s open (Mon and Wed mornings) and the Friday OzHarvest bag collection for my sister and whatever else I get my hands on there.

As always, best befores vary, with this cereal being quite acceptable and the diet coke that was more than a year past not being so flash.

Try to get noodles and tuna when they’re $1 or under, the face scrub was $2.50 which is great and Bruce needed some. The Weetbix are $1.50 at Cooranbong, I do hope Sanitarium donates them and the So Good directly since they run the town.

The Lindt has been great!

These were salty and warm.

I did NOT read the directions on the mi goreng. next time.

Chai was a good fill in when I ran out of my Aldi white hot chocolate.


Free spoons!

I fkn love ciniminis and get them every time I can. They’re on my wishlist if anyone wants to treat a girl! This other wishlist has more home basics that I’d like.


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