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We gave Labor the year to make good on their promises of noone left behind. We submitted to their enquiries, committees that recommended they raise the rate of welfare dramatically for those of the lowest payments. We held out hope to the last that they might agree to give a little more from their $20b surplus, or agree to take rent freezes to national cabinet. We watched ACOOSS and the rest of the poverty industrial complex ask for more on our behalf but then praise the scraps we were thrown.

Today Labor passed the $20/wk increase to job seeker, the raising of single parent payments back until the child turns 14 (not 16 like it was before) and the 15% rent assistance increase.

In reality the increases have all been soaked up already with time and inflation. They and the next indexing (2.2%) come in in 7 weeks, 49 days,

I’m tired and disappointed. I honestly was hoping a tiny amount that Labor might come through and not leave so many people behind.

But here we are.

Jobseeker rate to be lifted $56 a fortnight from September The rates for income support payments, including jobseeker and youth allowance, will increase by $56 a fortnight after legislation passed the senate on Wednesday. Originally promised as a $40 increase from 20 September, the rate was boosted to $56 after 2.2% indexation was applied for the cost of living. The opposition, Greens and crossbenchers attempted to request a series of amendments, including doubling the amount a recipient can earn before payments are reduced to $300 per fortnight and raising the base rate further, but all failed to garner enough support. The higher rate of jobseeker will now be $749.20 per fortnight, and for those aged 55 years and over who have been on payment for nine continuous months it will be $802.50 per fortnight. Social services minister Amanda Rishworth said in a statement shortly after it passed on the voices the changes would benefit close to two million Australians. JobSeeker and other income support payments are about helping those in our community who need it for a period of time More broadly, it is important to remember these income support changes work alongside other cost of living relief in the Budget including help with power bills, record investment in Medicare bulk-billing and cheaper medicines. Millions of Australians will directly benefit from these measures – including Australians on income support. - Sarah Basford Canales

Excuse me while I regather, focus on the pressing issue. My stepdaughter and their partner moved in with us on Sunday and their baby is due this Saturday. It’s exciting and scary and stressful as all hell. We’re off to get the last scan now! I’m cooking dinners for everyone for the timebeing to keep control of the kitchen, and cos I love to cook and to ensure everyone is fed.

If you wanna help materially, I have a groceries wishlist and paylinks. One internet sweetheart send a months worth of nappies which will not go astray.


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